Sunday, January 14, 2007
School is starting for everyone!!
Things are getting very busy around here. The new semester starts Tuesday, if we don't freeze or get snow by then. Blythe Anne and Jonah started pre-school Thurday, and they both love it.

I am very excited about them going to school too. Jonah was really too young to go, they only have classes for two to four year olds, but they decided that it was ok to let him in. There's only four other kids in his class, and it's all boys. I think there's about 13 kids in BA's class.

When I dropped Jonah off Thursday morning, the first thing his teacher did was to pick him up. When I went to get him that afternoon, she was still holding him. I think that she held him the whole day. Then on Friday when I dropped him off she picked him up as soon as I sat him down. The boy is going to be spoiled. His teacher, Mrs. S, loves him to death. She believes that Jonah is the best baby ever, that he never cries (ha, come live at our house), and that he minds... the list goes on.

BA loved it too. When I picked her up Friday, she told me that she wanted to come back, and asked when she could. I was afraid that she would hate it, but it's the opposite.

I drop them off at 7:30, so we have to get up at 6. I used to put them in bed at nine, but bedtime is getting moved up. I think that 8:00 will work for BA's new bedtimes, but I think that little Jonah may need to start going to bed at 7:00.

Their pick up time and when I get home from school over laps a few days, so two days a week my mother-in-law will pick them up and once a week my cousin will pick them up.

I am now headed off to go get BA from her Maw Maw's house.

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Blogger Jessica said...

How exciting! It sounds like they're adapting well to their new surroundings. At least the teacher isn't letting Jonah sit on the floor and ignore him....that was my fear with leaving D at daycare. It probably made Jonah feel better the first couple of days.

Good luck with your weather. We're supposed to get a ton of ice tonight.

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