Friday, January 19, 2007
The most boring post EVER
I have started to post several times, but I really do not have anything to say.

I don't want to ramble on about my new classes, the pervert professor, the OCD professor, and the crazy math class. That would just be boring. I am not going to put you through that.

But I will complain about how tired I am. Last night was not a good one. BA would not go to bed last night, but she finally fell asleep around 10:30. Jonah cried on and off all through the night and then BA came and got in the bed with me around 4 AM. We all had to get up around 6 to get ready for them to go to school.

After I got back from dropping them off, I did crawl back into bed, but I am still tired.

On a completely different note... I am so going to the doctor to have this mole on my chest checked out. It is really starting to bother me. It itches and then I scratch it and then it hurts and... ugh. Make this madness stop. Please.

An itchy mole? Is that a sign of cancer or anything?

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Blogger Jessica said...

It must've been the air last night. Dylan didn't want to go to bed until midnight last night....then we had a night full of whining, snottiness (literally), and crankiness. He was up probably every 20 minutes. Thank god for the baby swing.

Good luck with the mole. I'm sure it's nothing. It is actually brown like a mole, or skin colored? I guess it's better to get it checked out now then wait until later when it could be something more.

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